Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Animal Cells

I've been teaching both Biology and Physical Science for the last 10 years aside from my Math Courses and since the interactive notebooks worked so well in math I thought it would be a good idea to move them into my science classes as well.  This was not as easy as I had thought and I didn't get as many pages done in Biology last year that I had hoped.  However, this one on Animal Cells was one of my favorites.

This page covered identify the organelles in an animal cell as well as identifying the function of each organelle. I know that the function of each organelle is far more in depth than what I covered but my students have a hard time with concepts that they can not see or experience so I had to keep it simple and to a minimum. This is where you could go more in depth with your classes if this page works for you.

I each of my students a colored sheet of paper as well as the sheet of the diagrams (you can find it here!) They cut flaps that fit each of the diagrams, colored them each a different color than glued them onto the page.

Above each of the flaps we identified what the organelle in the picture was and under each flap we stated what the function was.

The large diagram we glued onto the right page.  Students then had to color the organelle the same color as they had done on the flap and then draw arrows and identify the organelles.  

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