Friday, April 5, 2013


So I thought over spring break I would catch up on all of my blogging, find cool new activities to do with my math students, and create some new ISN pages.  Well needless to say that never happened...

We covered Quadrilaterals in Geometry class, however we only went with regular quadrilaterals for the time being.

My students love charts, and when I say love I really mean LOVE!!  It's weird how excited they can get about a chart, but whatever will make them happy.  So to cover the characteristics of the different types of regular quadrilaterals I had my students fill in the following chart.

We started off drawing a picture of each shape and from there the students told me what to write in both the "Angles" and "Sides" boxes.  It turned into a whole class discussion where all I did was fill in my chart as they told me what to put in it.

My students will admit that they are not the best artists (frankly neither am I ), so made these shapes on the computer for them to cut out and tape into their notebooks.  Students used rulers and protractors to help them figure out what angles and sides were congruent. As they discovered characteristics of the quadrilaterals as a class we wrote the information below and to the side of each of the shapes.  We did go through in the beginning identifying each of the shapes by name, then color coding their different characteristics (color chart at the top) that they had discovered through their exploration of the 6 quadrilaterals.

**Update: Both pages have been change to reflect the correct information for Kite**


  1. Hi, your information on the kite is incorrect. Your picture and description of the kite are actually for a rhombus. A rhombus has all 4 sides congruent. According to our high school geometry book if I have kite ABCD, then AB=BC and CD=AD but they are not equal to each other. Opposite sides are not parallel. It also has only 1 set of angles equal.

    But otherwise I love this idea and will use it next year with my geo kids.

    1. Caryn,

      You are 100% correct! I don't usually do pages in my notebooks until I do them with my students, but the night before I had done the page since I wasn't sure if I was going to be in class that day. I was thinking it was a rhombus when I did the page and noticed it was wrong when going over it in class with the students, so we fixed it. The one in their notebook is correct, it's just mine that is wrong.

      I'll fix it and update the picture soon. I'm really glad that you like the idea and I hope it works for your students as well as it did for mine! Let me know how it goes.


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