Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Composition Notebook Jackets

Hello my name is Anya and I'm obsessed with school supplies!

If there was some sort of School Supplies Anonymous group out there I would be their most frequent member.  I'm that weird teacher who gets super excited when the stores start putting out school supplies right after the 4th of July.  You would think it's Christmas or something.  I have to check out all the usual stores to see what cool things they have come out with this year and plan where I'm going to get all my new "stuff" at.  Typically there is at least one day over the summer where I take all my shopping bags to the school and get myself set up.   

Anyways...The reason for this post is I came across the most magical thing in Interactive Notebook history!  COMPOSITION NOTEBOOK JACKETS!!! (Can you tell I'm super excited about these?)

I found these lovelies at Walmart just above the composition notebooks, in the school supply section. They were only $0.97 each. 

These jackets keep the cover from getting damaged, but also on one side has a zipper pouch to keep your pencils in.  

Usually to make sure the cover doesn't get to nasty I cover them in clear shipping post on how I set up my notebooks...but this would make it so much easier.  It might also help cut down on them forgetting a writing utensil. 
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