Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Naming Triangles

We moved into Triangles in Geometry class and we began by naming them, using both the name based on their sides as well as the name based on their angle measures.

The students were given a sheet that contained all 9 triangles.  They had to cut them out and then sort them into groups based on their similarities.  At this time they were not given any of the names.  Students had to explain why they grouped certain triangles together.  They were also told that one triangle could not fit into more than one group.  This proved to be a challenge for some of them, but after awhile they were able to figure it out.

Everyone came up with that we could group them based on their sides, or by the types of angles.  We decided as a whole class to glue them into our ISN by groups based on their sides.

We went through the six different names for triangles and what the characteristics were for each of them.  After that they were asked to go back and name each yellow triangle using two names.

When they were done they were given this half sheet of practice and asked to go through it.  I had them start off on their own, only working through the first three at the top.  After that we went over them and I had them work in pairs for the bottom section.

Many of my students used different colored highlighters to make each of the triangles in questions #1-5 stand out so they knew which ones to focus on.

Under this page is where my students wrote down the six different triangles: acute, right, obtuse, equilateral, isosceles, and scalene.  They also were asked to summarize the characteristics of each one.

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