Sunday, November 18, 2012

Math Puzzle

Every student needs practice with the content that you teach, especially in math.  However, I think sitting there doing a typical worksheet is boring, and the students think so too.  Whenever a worksheet is passed out I can hear the sighs of disappointment in the room.

But what can you do when all they need is practice...

I created this puzzle for my students to practice solving equations with variables on one side of the equal sign.

My classes are small but I always make at least 10.

I copied them onto colored paper (it makes it easier to know which puzzle they below to when a piece gets lost), laminated them, cut them up and clipped them.

A students start to the puzzle
 Students worked the problems out on a separate sheet of paper and when they find the answer, the piece bumps up next to the equation. 

Many times the students will initiate a competition to see who can finish the puzzle correctly the fastest.  The first time seeing these they can be over whelming because students don't always know where to start.

My suggestion to all of them is pick one piece and work one problem out on that piece, it will lead you to a piece that has new equations to solve for and eventually you will create the puzzle.  If you just keep randomly picking up a piece to solve a puzzle you will end up with lots of buddies but no puzzle. (this is hard for my students to then figure out what to do)


  1. Inteersting post but i am not getting the answer for this puzzle.. Please help me to know.

  2. The answer is the print out up above. This puzzle is a bit more difficult because some of the answers repeat and the students have to figure out which one actually gets to bump up to the answer. I believe the answer of x=3 pops up a few times but to make the puzzle work it can only go next to 5x + 9 = 24. A good way to have them start the puzzle off is the piece in the top left corner, tell them it goes there and have them go from there. it will make it easier for them to accomplish. Hope this helps!


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